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Defend consumers by recovering consumer losses created by unethical or fraudulent commercial practices



Protect consumers through the investigation of unethical and fraudulent commercial practices



Change the financial industry through the use of information and by educating consumers to influence the financial industry in adopting ethical and lawful practices.

Our Mission

To defend and promote the rights of consumers who have purchased a financial product in the financial industry such as an insurance, investment, mortgage and credit product. The (FSCA)Financial Services Consumer Alliance’ success will be determined by its 3 steps process. DEFEND ==> PROTECT ==> CHANGE

Consumer Advocate
Richard Proteau President and founder of FSCA. He declared: "Consumers have rights and they have choices and my goal is to ensure that consumers have access to the right choices… I have been often qualified as being stubborn, unyielding and uncompromising. My chances as a politician may be limited but this is fine with me because I am not after your votes. I am here to protect your rights and this makes me the perfect advocate in an industry in dire need of changes…"

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Consumer Advocate
"FSCA is proud to introduce the book UNRAVELING THE UNIVERSAL LIFE SCAM written by its founder Richard Proteau. All consumers thinking about purchasing a Universal Life need to read this book"
Unraveling the Universal Life Scam

Recent News

Richard Proteau's interview
In a recent interview Richard Proteau discusses how misleading and fraudulent practices are used to promote the sale of Universal Life more
Do you have any questions on any financial topics? We have set up an electronic hotline to ensure you have access to all the right information. more