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You should own your financial plan. It should be dynamic and in real time...


Open Source

Financial planning should be about choices. Open source financial planning allow access to a multitude of financial planning templates...


Data ID Standards (DIDS) for the independant development of financial applications and libraries in a thriving marketplace...

Our Mission

We are deconstructing and reconstructing financial planning to make it ethical, relevant, accessible, current and dynamic by putting the ownership of financial planning back in the hands of consumers. There is only one person qualified to make financial decisions and the right person is you!!!

Consumer Advocate

Interview with Richard Proteau Founder of FSCA about the role of FSCA.

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Consumer Advocate

"FSCA is proud to introduce the book UNRAVELING THE UNIVERSAL LIFE SCAM written by its founder Richard Proteau. All consumers thinking about purchasing a Universal Life need to read this book"
Unraveling the Universal Life Scam

Consumer Advocate

"Find out how consumers are losing 40% of their assets when investing their money through the financial industry"
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Recent News

Are you tired of seeing big corporation breaking the law, committing fraud and using material misrepresentations to steal your money while never having to face the law? Is it time to put some corporate executives in prison? Support us in our legal campaign against Manulife. Our first step it to seek a legal injunction against Manulife to stop one of its illegal commercial practice. This is the first step toward the deposition of private criminal charges against Manulife… more